2010 DEBUT PHOENIX 14" Helen Kish Chrysalis Collection LE 325_NRFB

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Debut Phoenix Kish & Company®


Label: Debut Phoenix
Series: Chrysalis Collection
Designed by: Helen Kish
Release Date: 2010
Product Code: NA
No more than 325 units produced worldwide

Finally, we have a boy! And he's a bit of a heartbreaker with his big blue eyes and dark brown hair. Available immediately, Debut Phoenix; sports a black and tan leather vest over a classic white shirt and grey wool plaid trousers. Hanging from his belt loop is a chain with his wallet in the back pocket. His tennis shoes are dressed up in black and white and to top it all off, he wears a tan leather ball cap --- sideways, of course.

Card/Box Grade : C8- EXCELLENT (box may have slight hairlines,box not mint)