Kish & Co 2012 LITTLE BELLE RILEY Helen Kish LE300 7.5" BJD VINYL_NRFB

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Little Belle Riley Kish & Company®


Label:  ‘Little Belle' Riley
Series: Riley's World Collection
Designed by: Helen Kish
Release Date: 2012
Product Code: NA
No more than 300 units produced worldwide

Hearkening back to the late 1800’s in America, Riley ‘Little Belle’ is a lavender/brown-eyed lass with long dark brown hair (mohair, with bangs). A saucy white & black platter hat keeps the sun off of her face and reflected in her dress of brilliant yellow cotton with accents of black embroidery. The underskirt is black & white striped cotton. Riley’s bloomers are frilly and her two toned boots with buttons up the sides are cream colored on top and black on the bottom. 

 Mearues 7.5". Articulated BJD. Includes COA.

Card/Box Grade : FACTORY NM/MINT (box may have slight hairlines from shipper)