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1940 ARRANBEE (R&B) 17" LITTLE ANGEL BABY Non-Work Crier

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Little Angel Arranbee® 


Label: Little Angel Baby

Series: NA

Designed by: Arranbee

Release Date: 1940

Product Code: NA


Very pretty 17" Angel Baby with chestnut wig over molded hair, composition head & limbs with a cloth body. Other than the few small cracks on back of the legs, she is in extremely good condition. No Smells or stains, Clean Original Cloth Body, All eyelashes are there, smokey shadow on lids, lips are perfect and wig is well kept. It appears she is missing a bonnet and her crier no longer works. Shoes are "stiff" but her gown and slip make up for them. The gown has a few small unnoticeable tears but it is still beautiful.



Card/Box Grade : NA (No Box, Paper or Tags)